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The last book giveaway generated some great responses, and I have a feeling this week’s offering will be equally inspirational. The lucky winner will receive a book I read and raved about just a few weeks ago. I’m so pleased to be able to pass this gem on to some lucky reader – maybe you! Before I get too excited, here’s a reminder of the competition format:

I post a summary of the book, plus a thought or two of my own about an aspect of it that I find especially intriguing. Then I ask you to tell me about your particular version of that particular reality. What do I mean? Read on:



There is not just one you, there are many yous. We’re part of a multiplicity of universes in parallel dimensions – and Everett Singh’s dad has found a way in.

But he’s been kidnapped from the streets of London, right under his son’s nose, and now it’s as if Everett’s dad never existed. The police won’t help, and his mum thinks Everett has brought shame on his family. There is only one clue for him to follow, a mysterious app his dad sent to his iPad: the Infundibulum.

The app is a map, not just to the Ten Known Worlds, but to the entire multiverse – and there are those who want to get their hands on it very badly. Now Everett’s got to find a way to unlock the secret of the Infundibulum and cross entire dimensions to find his father. If he’s going to beat the bad guys, he’s going to need friends: like Captain Anastasia Sixsmyth, her adopted daughter Sen, and the crew of the airship Everness.

Ian McDonald’s novels explore the idea of a multiverse, an infinite sequence of alternate universes each of which is different from the one we know. The difference here on Earth may be one tiny, almost unnoticeable thing – a slightly altered pattern on the wing of a particular butterfly, for example. Or it may be huge – maybe the continents never broke apart. To win a copy of Planesrunner, tell me this: How would the alternate universe you’d most like to visit be different from this one?

Post your answer in comments, or tweet it to me @scriptopus (or both!). You have until midnight on Sunday (UK time) to get it in, then I’ll pick a winner. The competition is open to you wherever you are in the world, as long as your answer is in English. Prizes will be dispatched from Jo Fletcher Books HQ in London, and remember, we’ll need your address if you win.

Here’s the question again: How would the alternate universe you’d most like to visit be different from this one?

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  1. Romeo Kennedy

     /  March 21, 2013

    The alternate universe I would like to visit would be, one where the flora and fauna flourish blissfully and un-tampered with.
    People (and other beings) would use magic as currency; money has no home in this universe anymore.
    Time could be manipulated within reason and only when absolutely vital, the old saying “there’s not enough hours in a day” would no longer exist.
    Teleportation would be possible as there are no vehicles therefore smog is no longer a problem.

  2. John

     /  March 24, 2013

    The perfect alternate reality would be where people live by the rules, they judge by!

  3. John’s ‘golden rule’ universe is very tempting (and probably even more unlikely), but for an answer with more than a bit of weird physics about it, I’m going to have to go with Romeo Kennedy. Congratulations! If you’ll send me your address via email or using the Contact form above, I’ll get the good people at Jo Fletcher Books to send Planesrunner out to you. Enjoy, and remember, do post your review and/or rating online when you’re done – Amazon, Goodreads, or the publisher’s own website are great places.

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