The Great Jo Fletcher Books Giveaway

Presents aren’t just for Christmas, so the lovely folks at Jo Fletcher Books have turned their authors into elves, with sacks of books to give away. At least four are already handing out a book a week so I’m going to hold off on mine until next month, when the flood of free fiction starts to ebb and it really does feel like the holidays are over. Until then, join in the fun with:

Naomi Foyle (@naomifoyle)

Lynda Hilburn (@LyndaHilburn)

Snorri Kristjansson (@SnorriKristjans)

Karen Lord (@Karen_Lord)

Mazarkis Williams (@mazarkis_w)

This is not an exhaustive list of elves – I gather there are at least four more slinging books hither and yon. Do keep an eye on the @JoFletcherBooks Twitter feed for even more opportunities to win. I understand that the books will ship from JFB HQ in London to wherever you are, so far-flung followers, this is your chance.

I have to mention how much I like the serendipity of the fact that this flurry of book-giving will probably culminate, quite coincidentally, sometime around World Book Night on 23 April. I’m not a giver this year, but I remain a huge fan of the event. The mission is to give literally hundreds of thousands of free books to people who normally read very little or not at all, in return for nothing more than the promise that they will read their new book themselves and pass it on to others when they’re done. And the hope that they will discover the joy and the power of reading, and do it more.

So … snag yourselves a book or two if you can, read and enjoy and share. Aren’t we lucky to live in a world where people want to give us books?

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